Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mega Man Arm Cannon Marathon

So a few months ago (I think-ish), thespeedgamers did a big weekend-long Mega Man Marathon with high hopes of getting through like a billion Mega Man games. While they had admirable hopes, unfortunately, they aimed WAY higher than they should have, and definitely fell short of their goal, in part due to some embarrassing management of time and some poor play in general.

A friend and I were talking afterward, and we agreed that if we ever had the gear available to us to do a stream of our own, we would show something a little bit more enjoyable. I have the gear we needed now, and so starting New Year's Day, we will be running through Mega Man 1-9 defeating every possible boss with the basic arm cannon. By every possible boss, we mean that for bosses that are immune to the arm cannon, we'll be using their weaknesses due to a lack of alternatives. On top of showing what fun some of these bosses can be when you exploit their weaknesses, this also gives us a chance to explore the use of boss weapons during stages, something a lot of people are very conservative about. This way, if you're watching you might get to see some fun new way to use a weapon you never thought was useful before (hint: Bright Man's weapon is aces). We've set it up so that I've got odd-numbered titles, and he's got evens. I have more games (and Mega Man 1, probably the hardest one in the series to arm cannon, or in other words, SCREW ELECMAN), but Mega Man 8 is the longest overall, so it balances out pretty well.

One exception we are allowing for some boss fights is the use of utility weapons such as Rush Jet in order to make some bosses possible.

During the stream, we will have a paypal setup that we're working on right now to donate to Child's Play. Donors can suggest stunts or challenges for us to try after we finish our standard marathon, such as no damage through a stage, or reciting the national anthem while beating a boss.
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